1. Education: To educate and provide youths with experience and leadership opportunities in the enviro-agricultural and health fields.
  2. Laws and Policies: To establish and enforce new and old environmental and health laws and policies.
  3. To connect, inspire and collaborate with young change-makers while establishing partnership, unity, and a culture of life that build thriving, just and sustainable ways of life for all.
  4. Health: To draw public attention to environmental health, hygiene and sanitation, and diseases (Malaria, HIV/AIDS, etc) plaguing our society and environment.
  5. To restore and conserve biodiversity, mitigate pollution and ensure proper sewage and solid waste management, and foster sustainable environmental, cultural, and agricultural practices that paint the World green.
These objectives have been divided into specific objectives which are grouped under the following categories; Education and Leadership, Land, Biodiversity, Pollution and Waste management, Agriculture, Environment and Water, Policies and Laws, Partnership, Culture and Unity, and Health. Contact greens.2009@yahoo.com for more details on the specific objectives of each category