How we Work

We incubate practical, educational, exploratory, and innovative programs, remaining open to the evolving needs and opportunities of constituents and our world.  We seek to facilitate growth and positive change via internal, interpersonal, educational, network and offspring club levels.

Internal: We value spiritual, emotional and physical health and well being.  Using whatever paths and forms, we transform individuals to gradually becoming more aware, compassionate and courageous. A lot of youths suffer from the fangs of fear which is the source of 90% lack of progress. Conquering fear in youths awakens their desire to build a thriving, just and sustainable environment.

Interpersonal: “A tree cannot form a forest”, “One hand cannot tie a bundle.”  We strive towards relationships built on respect, love, generosity and commitment to one another’s growth and wellbeing. We deeply listen, taking time to hear and understand one another across differences. As such, we unite single trees and one hands to form forests and tie bundles respectively.

Education: Our experience is that a lot of youths carryout unsustainable environmental practices because of ignorance. Educating the youths will transform their unhealthy fears, deeds and habits into positive action to build a sustainable environment.

Networks: We support connections and alliances between diverse allies to build a network of organizations with the same goal.  Unity is progress; hence connecting with organizations facilitates the process of achieving the ultimate goal of the organization.

Offspring clubs: Establishing Green clubs in schools and local communities is a means to effectively involve all the youths in the course since these clubs shall serve as a pathway through which the bottom (Green clubs) can contact the top (Mother organization) and work together with the top. This is known as the “Bottom-Top approach” which is the most effective and sustainable route to paint the World green.