Clean Up the World Week end: Our Place... Our Planet... Our Responsibility

Author: greens.2009

Clean Up the World 2011 is celebrated under the theme "Our place... Our planet... Our responsibility" The Greens, a member of Clean Up the World joins millions of communities to clean up, fix up and conserve nature in her project "Talk Green, Teach Green, Live Green - TTL3G". It is Friday 16th September 2011, the Sky is blue and mother nature smiles on us paving way for education to begin at Gratitude Bilingual Nursery and Primary School (GBNPS) Mile 3, Nkwen - Bamenda. Knowledge about Clean Up the World, The Greens, the theme of this year's Clean Up the World Weekend, and the environment was imparted on the pupils of GBNPS. Next to education was clean up. Clean up comprised of cleaning of classrooms, anti litter campaigns, clearing of bushes and general clean up of the school environment. Greening pursues clean up with digging of holes and planting of beautiful flora. 2:00pm was time to say bye bye from school. The pupils are happy and ready to go home and spread the gospel. On the way home, there is refreshment to re-energize for Saturday 17 September 2011.

Mother Nature smiles on us again on Saturday. Our major environmental crisis in the community was improper sewage and solid waste disposal. The waste improperly disposed produced leachate that seeped into a nearby pipe that distributed water in the community (Water Pollution). It polluted the air with its filthy scent and polluted the land. Our streets were also bushy, and the drainage system was derailed. As such, we had to combat improper waste disposal, pollution and derailed drainage. Our community needed to be cleaned, fixed and conserved.

All is well that begins well and ends well. 03:00PM sees the big dream come true. Our environment is beautiful, clean, and free from pollution. The waste has been disposed and drainage systems restored.

Great Work! Let's wash our hands and celebrate. So we wined with palm wine and corn beer and dined before say bye bye to each other.

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