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Author: greens.2009
E-Sports! An innovative venture The Greens dare to spice the Academic Calender with! An event that brings together Environment, Education and Sports!

E in E-Sports is for Environment and Education. E-Sports uses sports as an associative link to foster environmental sustainability and education.

The gender equal sports are  “Small pole”, Egg race, hand tennis, Sac race and three leg race. 

“Small pole” is soccer and shall be played by 5 players per team. This type of soccer uses small poles in a small field and has no goal keeper. It is soccer that most adults played as teenagers especially in neighborhoods that lacked a soccer terrain.

Hand tennis on the other hand is similar to lawn tennis except for the fact that no rackets are used. Hands are used as rackets to play the game and each team shall comprise of 1 or 2 players playing at the same time in a small field.

The inter schools competition shall be played only within school campuses and E-Sports’ primary target are children hence E-Sports shall be played in Nursery and Primary Schools for Starters since children are the most vulnerable.

Raison d’etre for E-sports

- Using sports especially local sports as an associative link in promoting environmental sustainability and education is an innovation.

- Small pole and Hand tennis are pro gender equality. Less energy as a result of the field size is needed in both games paving way for more girls to actively engage in the fun.

- Both games are fun. Imagine!

- E-sports shall remedy the problem of sports in schools that have no sporting ground. Most schools have just a small space where they have their assembly which is perfect space for E- sports

- E sports are mobile games. The poles are small and can be carried from one location to another and the games can be played in any small environment.

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