The Greens' Pioneer Internatinal Volunteers

Author: greens.2009
Colby Jeffers and Mallory Quigg are The Greens’ pioneer international volunteers, coming all the way from Phoenix, Arizona USA.  Colby has his Masters degree in Social Justice and Human Rights and is very interested in peace education.  Mallory is studying at Arizona State University to become a teacher for special needs students and is devoted to environmentalism.  Both Colby and Mallory have a strong passion for volunteering and serving their fellow human beings.Colby and Mallory met Ngalim, the Founder/President of The Greens, while Colby and Ngalim were taking the same online Peace Education Course through Teachers Without Borders.  Colby and Mallory were looking for somewhere to volunteer during the summer and were very inspired by the work Ngalim and The Greens’ Team was doing in Bemenda, Cameroon.  They stayed with Ngalim and his family for one month in June, 2012.  They enjoyed their stay in Bemenda and especially enjoyed being able to serve The Greens.  Mallory and Colby, as well as The Greens plan on meeting again one day to work together to paint the world green!

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