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Volunteer with Green Hope!

Green Hope connects, inspires and collaborates with the disabled, orphans and vulnerable children to build thriving, just and sustainable ways of life for all. Green Hope lights hope in the lives of the disabled, orphans and vulnerable children in the domains of environmentalism, education, peace and use of associative links such as sports, arts and culture to foster solidarity and hope for a greener future.

Green Hope has as its ultimate goal, “the transformation of all Rehabilitation Centers and Orphanages into beautiful, Clean , peaceful and green spaces; hence establish a culture of life where the disabled, orphans and vulnerable communities care for nature, nurture peace and solidarity, and affirm the inalienable dignity of the human person; thus paint the World green.”

Green Hope

The Greens require passionate volunteers to realize this dream.

Volunteers' activities of Green Hope include Education (Peace, Environment, Health), Arts (E-Arts), Music, Drama, Greening, and Sports (E-Sports).

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