Welcome to to the official homepage of "The Greens"
There is more to the green vegetation that lurks around us than meets our wildest imaginations; the ugly crawling creatures that slither past us and the colorful birds that fly just o'er head us, than meets our knowledge and perception. The absence of one or any of these natural components of the ecosystem can have severe adverse effects on the whole system; hence doom on mankind.
Do you sometimes wonder why you can't get up on a beautiful morning and bask yourself under some refreshing sunlight? Do you ever wonder where the beautiful and harmonious tones of the Bannerman's Turaco (Tauraco bannermani) is gone? If yes, then you must realize that we are causing grave damage to humanity.
In a dying humanity, "The Greens" has come to act as a bridge to help replenish that which was lost and that which is slipping away. If you think you have a dream like ours; to see a beautiful world again, then join us!!!